Cost of CCTV Installation in Nairobi and CCTV Price in Kenya 2023

How Much Does CCTV Installation Cost in Kenya

Everybody has unique needs that they want to solve using CCTV surveillance it is almost impossible to give a price for every situation but the best thing I can do is take you through a few things that you need to consider so as to determine your budget.

To determine how much, you will need to consider the following;

  1. Where are you Installing the Cameras?
  2. Your Preferred CCTV Camera
  3. Your Budget

1. Where are you installing the Cameras?

You need to consider the area in which the cameras are to be installed is it an indoor space or an outdoor space and how big is the area and the distance from one camera to another, this will enable you to estimate the length of the cable you will require and the trunking that is needed. Take consideration in the accessibility of the place that the cameras have to be installed some technician may charge you extra depending on this is holes are to be drilled on concrete walls, for instance, this could cost extra.

You also need to identify a central location “Control Room” where the DVR or NVR and the Monitor will be placed however it’s not necessary to have all of them in the same room.

2. Your Preferred CCTV Cameras

Hikvision 2 Megapixel Dome IP Camera Installed by Tevu Ltd
Hikvision 2 Megapixel Dome IP Camera Installed by Tevu Ltd

This refers to the type of cameras you would like to have for instance you could decide that you would prefer wireless cameras in which case you will only need to tap power for the cameras and avoid the hustle of CAT6 cables. You will also need to choose between dome, bullet or ptz(pan tilt and zoom) cameras, usually, dome cameras are installed indoors while bullet cameras which are more rugged are installed outdoors. There are outdoor dome cameras these are ideal for a 180-degree view and can cover a viewing angle of two bullet cameras.

3.Know your budget

This is how much you are willing to spend on the CCTV Surveillance system knowing your budget will help you to make a few compromises like reducing the number of cameras if necessary.  In addition to knowing your budget, you need to take into consideration the value of the item(s) being  surveilled if the item is expensive you have no option but to invest in the best system relative to the value of the item(s)

4. CCTV Installation in Nairobi

We offer CCTV installation services in Nairobi and the greater Nairobi Metropolitan area. Our team of experienced and skilled CCTV dealers in Nairobi will guide you through the entire installation process, from selecting the right CCTV system for your needs to providing ongoing support and maintenance. CCTV installation in Nairobi is considerably cheaper compared to other parts of Kenya this is mainly due to availability of the equipments and the distance to be covered to the installation site.


5.Affordable CCTV Installation Packages

We have 2 ready made packages for you the first one is the  4 Channel CCTV Systems which includes a UPS & A screen at an affordable rate of Ksh. 68,000 while the other Package ins a 8 Channel CCTV System please bear in mind that these rates might be adjusted in the future without notice. If you need a custom package we can come for a site visit and give you a quote that is precise.


6. Why You Should Work With Our CCTV Installation Company

Our CCTV installation company is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and workmanship. We use the latest CCTV technology to ensure crystal-clear footage and remote monitoring capabilities. We take pride in being the best CCTV installer in Nairobi and the best CCTV installation company in Kenya. Contact us today to get the best CCTV prices in Kenya and to schedule your installation.

CCTV Installation Cost in Kenya FAQs

Questions: What is the True Cost of CCTV installation in Kenya

Answer: The cost of CCTV Installation in Kenya in most cases depends with the skill sets of the installer upcoming or less experienced installers can charge you way less but remember you get what you pay for i.e their services might not be upto per with your expecations so its better for you to know what you value the most is it a cheaper price? or Your peace of mind.

Question: Do you Charge for Site Visits

Answer: Yes we charge Transport which we can deduct from the final cost if you give us the job

Question: What is the CCTV installation Duration?

Answer: CCTV installation period can go from a few hours to couple of days or weeks depending with the size of the project and the complexity of the installation location, a 4 Channel to 8 Channel System can be installed in the same day if all the materials required are available.

Question: Will I be able to view my CCTV remotely

Answer: Yes if you have internet connection on premises you will be able to view your cameras via a mobile app from any part of the world.

Question: Do i Need a Screen/Monitor /TV for the CCTV to Work?

Answer: A screen is not necessary for your CCTV cameras to work.

Question: Can I buy my own CCTV from CCTV dealers in Kenya or Nairobi?

Answer: Yes you are free to buy your own CCTV but the down side to this you may end up buying the wrong brand and type of Camera and in that case you will be responsible with dealing with them, because of our experience in this field we know which type of camera is needed in different scenarios while still considering your budget.


CCTV surveillance is an important investment for both homes and businesses in Kenya. By considering the location, type of camera, and budget, you can determine the right CCTV system for your needs. Our team of expert CCTV installers is here to guide you through the process and ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Contact us today to schedule your CCTV installation in Nairobi.

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